Your Rights

Are you aware, in accordance with California law, the California Department of Insurance has created the “Auto Body Repair Consumer Bill of Rights?”  Below are a few stated rights of the Consumer and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Car-Tique Auto Body for the complete list of your rights, your insurance representative, or California Department of Consumer Affairs at (866) 799-3811.

A consumer is entitled to:

  1. Seek and obtain an independent repair estimate directly from a registered auto body repair shop for repair of damaged vehicle, even when pursuing an insurance claim for repair of the vehicle.
  2. Select the auto body repair shop to repair auto body damage covered by the insurance company.
  3. An insurance company shall not require the repairs to be done at a specific auto body repair shop.
  4. An itemized written estimate for auto body repair and, upon completion of repairs, a detailed invoice.  The estimate and the invoice must include an itemized list of parts and labor along with the total price for the work performed.  The estimate and the invoice must also identify all parts as new, used, after-market, reconditioned, or rebuilt.

So, wherever you choose to have your vehicle repaired, be sure to know your rights so you can protect yourself and your vehicle.